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At right: Paul working on performance repertoire in his ever more cluttered home studio 2023

About my services and fees
in Aged-Care Communities...

I supply my own high-quality PA system so everyone can enjoy the music while not overwhelming those nearest me. I also use my own lighting rig when required.


I am seated for the duration of the performance and all I require is a small area to set up with a power point. 

I hold current Public Liability Insurance, valid police and working with children checks; as well as the NDIS Working with Vulnerable People Check. Additionally, I comply with all current health and safety advice and hold a current flu and full Covid vaccination certificate.

My fee is usually in accordance with the Federal Government's Live Performance Award 2010 (amended November 2021 through the Fair Work Ombudsman) published at in which the required rate for a one hour daytime arts performance (Live Performance Award: MA000081/Musician-Casual - by the call) is $168.57-$197.94 (being $56.19-$65.98/hr. with minimum call hours of 3 hours). This is consistant with Musicians Union directives, subscribing to the same rates. For a summary of those fees and charges see (accessed 12/12/2021).

Despite the standards above, yes, I believe my fees may be slightly higher than your average guitar-singer/busker entertainer so common in aged-care. But aside from providing a mature, unique musical and cognitive experience, holding a doctorate in music, culture and comms, I am highly qualified as an engaging performer - which is most unusual in the sector.


My performance practice has been developed over many years. I feel that performing as a qualified, empathetic, communicative, and established professional arts worker – including the booking and invoicing process, preparation, reliable and punctual adherence to schedule, dependable performance equipment, quality including special programs, and overall value – is worth a reasonable, albeit slightly higher than your average entertainers’ fee.

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