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Paul's formative classical guitar teacher was the Greek maestro Paul Contogeorge who died c. 1977.

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Why have hospitality music at all?

Service and other high-quality impressions are paramount in getting customers to spend more, and return. Let me help you maintain those impressions.

Research shows that “customers increased the average size of their bill by 23% while listening to slower music…This is attributed to customers buying more drinks and other add-ons (like dessert and coffee) that typically have high-profit margins for restaurants.”


See: “How Background Music Can Impact Your Restaurant Sales,” in (March 8 2018, accessed June 2 2020).


Not only do the financial and social demographics of people who visit fine dining establishments seek an increase in luxury service, which is what I set out to enhance, but as the studies show, classical music like mine markedly influences people to take their time, thereby spending more money through purchasing more items:

“…there was an overall significant difference between the conditions with classical music leading to higher spending than both no music and pop music. 

  Univariate analyses indicated that there were differences between the conditions on mean spend per head on starters, coffee, total spend on food, and overall spend.

  These findings…indicated that the playing of background classical music led to (1) people reporting that they were prepared to spend more and (2) higher actual spending.

  The results indicate that restaurant managers can use classical music to increase customer spending…”


See: A. C. North (Curtin University) and David J Hargreaves (University of Roehampton, “The Effect of Musical Style on Restaurant Customers’ Spending,”  in Environment and Behavior 35(5): 712-718 (September 2003).

Simply put, elegant and romantic live classical guitar music will enhance your customer experience and appeal to your patrons' values of higher standards:

"Music does impact on how a meal is received and perceived, and classical music has been shown to make diners perceive their...selections as more high-end."

See: “The Effect of Music on Perceived Atmosphere and Purchase Intentions in a Restaurant,” (Journal of Psychology of Music 31(1): 93-112 (January 2003)

Essentially, my particular role as a background classical guitarist is to heighten the perceptions of quality and elegance customers experience when they patronise your venue. Contact me and we can discuss a complimentary in-house session to see how my music can help maintain perceptions of your high quality brand.

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