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Supported by Create NSW State Government grants for fostering best practice classical guitar appreciation.

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Feedback and Testimonials
(primarily from RAOs in aged-care communities 2018-2023)









“The residents really enjoyed your last visit & are looking forward to seeing you again.” (Joy, Edgecliff, June 2024)

“We love your visits.” (Carlie, Noraville, June 2024)

“Our residents really enjoyed your performance. Can we have [the] afternoon schedule next year?” (Swet, Farrer ACT, May 2024)

“Looking forward for [sic] your visit, residents asked when are you visiting again.” (Sofia, Griffith ACT, May 2024)

“Thank you Paul for your usual professional approach to the concert.” (Elio, Point Clare, April 2024)

“We are looking forward to [the next performance] many residents have asked when you're back.” (Wendie, Belmont North, March 2024)

“All our residents really enjoyed the concert. Many thanks...” (The RAO team, Avalon, February 2024)

"....the event was a success. Residents are still stopping me along the corridor to say they enjoyed the concert and when are we having another one!...As residents were leaving the concert I recorded these comments...It was a success story!

  • I really enjoyed it. Such a lovely man. He surely knows a lot about guitars!

  • I enjoyed Zorba's music...but had no energy to dance it like I used to! We both (holding hands with his wife) enjoyed it.

  • What a lovely cultural afternoon! We need more of these....please!

  • I am so glad my daughter came with me. What a treat for both this was.

  • Frankly I did not know if I should have come. Then I decided to walk here...and boy am I happy I did!

  • I came late because I wasn't sure if this concert was for me. After the third music he played I looked for a chair and sat till the end. Great concert mate! Well done!

  • Could you please lend me a biro or a pen. I want this man to autograph my program.

  • I am glad we had him play one more song. Wasn't the last song a beauty? Encore...Encore..

This is a short review I wrote in our NEWSLETTER for JANUARY:

"January has already started with a BANG! The classic guitar concert was a hit for all people attending. Dr Paul Leventhal, a musician, professor and entertainer, brought us on a musical journey that spanned across centuries, across cultures and countries, across musical genres including ballads, sonatas, classic waltz and pop culture! Every piece presented with a deep cultural knowledge of its origin and a pinch of humour! Extraordinary concert...Encore Encore please!" (Elio, Point Clare, January 2024)



“It was amazing having you here...[r]esidents had an amazing time.” (Raman, Orange, December 2023)


“Thank you very much for today, the residents had a lovely time.” (Kathleen, Blayney, December 2023)

“Thank you so much for your performance this morning...We have heard lovely feedback from the residents, and they would love to see you again.” (Dieu, Curtin, ACT, December 2023)

“We would appreciate it if you could carry on with performances for us through the New Year 2024.” (Samantha, Katoomba, December 2023)


“Thanks again for your performance, the residents are still talking to me about it requesting a return visit.” (Wendie, Belmont North, November 2023)


“Thank you for the performance with the classical guitar & interaction with our residents.” (Elissa, Mayfield, October 2023)


“Thank you for everything and our residents really enjoy your music.” (Kylie, Mona Vale, October 2023)


“It was wonderful seeing how engaging the residents were throughout you performance yesterday. Thank you once again for bringing joy to our residents here...” (Craig, Katoomba, September 2023)


“...the residents absolutely love having you here.” (Sue, Wahroonga, September 2023)


“...keep up your wonderful work.” (Maja, Nowra, September 2023)


“I heard that all the residents loved [it] and [were] very happy last Happy Hour with you. We’ll tell...other houses...and introduce you [to] them.” (Diona, Dural, September 2023)


“We loved having you today! The residents had a wonderful time!” (Lucy, Bella Vista, August 2023)


“The residents were all happy with your performance and enjoyed it. We are all looking forward to your next visits here...” (Zoraida, Rooty Hill, July 2023)


“I have also received rave reviews of your performance which one resident stated it was by far the best she has seen here in our facility so far.” (Astrid, Griffith, ACT, July 2023)


“Thank you for your music. The residents totally enjoyed it.” (Liliana, Gordon, ACT, July 2023)


“Residents really enjoyed the session with history and music.” (Sally, Narrabundah, ACT, July 2023)


“Thank you for all you do...” (Angela, Castle Hill, July 2023)


“...It was great to have you entertain our residents here...Residents enjoyed your performance, even how you interacted with them, [and it] was a pleasure to have you here...[It} will be good to have you return again.” (Sarina, Bankstown, July 2023)

“Thank you again for the wonderful concert last week, you have such a beautiful way with engaging with the residents as well as sharing your talent! Its such a refreshing change of style which appeals to so many of our residents.” (Helen, Avalon, July 2023)

“Hi...The Guitarist Paul was really outstanding, a lot of residents [sic] and he manage to keep them alert and draws their attention all the time.” (Feedback to the RAO Julie, Macquarie Park, June 2023)

“We definitely have enjoyed having you perform for us...The resident feedback has been fantastic and we look forward to working with you in the upcoming year. Please let me know your available dates for next year... (Maya, Nowra, June 2023)

“...we had many residents say how happy they were with the entertainment today. They were very excited when I told them you will be back and I will definitely recommend you to others.” (Sue, Wahroonga, June 2023)

“Thank you Paul, our residents all enjoyed the concert.” (Melissa, Mayfield, May 2023)

“...thanks to you Paul. Your performance was fabulous!“ (Moi, Salamander Bay, May 2023)

“It was so great to have you here – we received so much great feedback from all our Residents and even family members who were walking by...”  (Angela, Castle Hill, May 2023)

“Again thank you. Our residents loved your performance today.” (Sheryl, Belrose, May 2023)

“Thanks Paul. Yesterday was amazing.” (Liliana, Gordon, ACT, April 2023)

“We are so very happy to have you visiting us [again] and our residents absolutely loved the musical event too! (Michelle, Padstow Heights, April 2023)


“The feedback from the residents and staff were lovely, they would like to see you again.” (Deedee, Page, ACT, April 2023)


“...we all love having you here.” (Bronya, Mosman, April 2023)


“ are great at your performance.” (Thareniy, Springwood, April 2023)


“Thank you for the lovely performance last week. Our residents would like to see you again.” (Elena, Northbridge, April 2023)


“It was our pleasure having you! The residents were absolutely stoked and cannot wait for you to come back.” I was hoping to book you 1X per month...” (Bec, Rutherford, April 2023)


“The residents had a great time, we loved hearing the history and facts behind each song you played with your fabulous guitar!” (Carolina, Chatswood, March 2023)


“Everyone is looking forward to your next performance!” (Steph, Lilyfield, March 2023)


“Thank you for a wonderful concert last week.” (Kylie, Avalon, March 2023)

“The residents enjoyed your performance. Thank you for coming today.” (Jay, Killara, February 2023)

“Such a wonderful experience for the residents.” (Steph, Lilyfield, February 2023)

“Thank you very much for your time and we’re very happy that our residents enjoyed [the concert]. We’re looking forward to seeing you again next month.” (Diona, Dural, January 2023)


“Everybody gave me good feedback this morning. It was lovely. Thanks again!!” (Deepa, Garran, ACT January 2023)

“Thank you for your performance. The residents enjoyed listening to you. Could I book for next month...? (Leanne, Berkeley, January, 2023)


“You are the best Paul“ (Konstantinos Dedes, The Dedes Group, December 23 2022)

“...the residents absolutely loved it when you were here last time...and your concerts are incredible and much loved.” (Kiara, Dubbo, December 2022)

“We enjoyed yesterday and look forward to your next performance...” (Kim, Manly Vale, December 2022)

“We enjoyed yesterday and look forward to your next performance...” (Kim, Manly Vale, December 2022)

“Thanks for coming, they loved having you.” (Bronya, Mosman, November 2022)

“...Thank you for your performance yesterday. It was just lovely. Everyone was talking about how much they enjoyed it.” (Maja, Nowra, November 2022)

Thank you for visiting us, [the staff] and the residents expressed that they loved the performance! (Margaret, Daceyville, October 2022)

“Thank you so much for your beautiful performance yesterday...I have heard a lot of lovely comments from the residents, they all said “it was marvellous”, “I enjoyed the beautiful guitar melodies”. ..We are still receiving compliments on your performance yesterday. One said to my colleague that “I couldn’t see very well because of my low vision, but I enjoyed all the music”. We would love to have you back for another concert.” (Dieu, Curtin, ACT, October 2022)

“Thank you for always being so fabulous.” (Karen, Wahroonga, October 2022)

“Our residents adore your concerts...” (Jess and Kim, Manly Vale, October 2022)

“...thank you again for the fantastic concert you held...Our residents, and myself, very much enjoyed the wide range of songs that you played.” (Deb, Dubbo, October 2022)

“I have spoken to quite a number of was a wonderful concert. Feedback so far is that your guitar skills and range of music as well as audience engagement was fabulous.” (Lisa, Avalon, October 2022)

“The residents and staff really loved your performance...The sound of the classic guitar work was just beautiful, evoking so many memories and a chill vibe. It was lovely to see everyone appreciating the sounds. I can't thank you enough.” (Maja, Nowra, September 2022)


“The feedback from Fridays performance has been very positive. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon.” (Vikki, Corrimal, September 2022)


“Its always a pleasure having you here!” (Jessica, Manly Vale, September 2022)


“...the residents absolutely loved it and bragged about it

all day...Again thank you so much for brightening up the resident’s day.” (Kiara, Dubbo, August 2022)


“...the music suited the mood in the house, we needed a little calming that was received very well with both staff and residents. A couple [of] residents sang along to some of your song choices and you engaged in asking them what song it was, it was a good memory exercise. You engage well with everyone and are very easy to talk with. Staff would like to have you back and I'll make sure to book you in again soon!...I will share with my colleagues at the other...branches.” (Bettie, Hamlyn Terrace, August 2022)


“Our residents loved your classical guitar session.” (Shruti, Revesby, August 2022)


“[The] residents were delighted to attend your live performance...They thoroughly enjoyed your entertainment...The residents did enjoy your introduction and history of the song before you played...You captured your audience well and engaged them. I noticed some of our residents became quite emotional when you played, sparking off a memory for them. We involved all area of the facility – low care, high care and dementia.”(Sally, Narrabundah, ACT, August 2022)


“As always the residents loved your show and your format is just the way we like it.” (Gaile, Neutral Bay, July 2022)


“The residents enjoyed your music and your interaction with them.” (Liliana, Gordon, ACT, July 2022)


“Everyone loves your playing and your anecdotes in between songs creates a feeling of familiarity between you and the residents. Residents also feel like they are learning something at the same time they are listening to beautiful music. So well done you!!” (Karen, Waitara, July 2022)


“Was wonderful having you visit today.  I asked the residents for some feedback and they said they loved listening to the music. You do a great job of a mix of familiar songs and some classical ones too that are just beautiful to listen to. The residents enjoy trivia, asking them some questions in between songs, or a little chat, – eg about Elvis. They also enjoy hearing about you and your past musical experiences. The new resident…is an ex guitar player and absolutely loved the show, his face the whole time was wonderful to watch!” (Jessica, Manly Vale, July 2022)

“We always enjoy your show.” (Tathra, Mayfield, June 2022)

“The performance was very well received.  They enjoyed the performance. The feedback was very positive. Some of the overall comments were: ‘Very nice to listen to’; ‘Engaging performer’; ‘Very relaxing’.’’ (Judy, Bronte, May 2022)

“THANK YOU for performing for us, as usual residents loved your performance. They would love to have you back…” (Thareniy, Springwood, May 2022)

“Everyone really enjoyed the morning and are looking forward to your next visit.” (Renee, Salamander Bay, May 2022)

“[The] residents had a great time like always, and everyone enjoyed [your performance], and said thank you again.” (Mahsa, Stanwell Park, May 2022)

“Thank you for your  wonderful performance , our residents really loved it.” (Sweta, Page, ACT, April 2022)


“We loved having you.” (Bronya, Mosman, April 2022)

“Last time with your performance all residents had a great time and they all wanted to see you again…” (Mahsa, Stanwell Park, March 2022)

“Some feedback that I received was that the residents felt soothed and comforted by the sound. They spoke highly of your manner and level of interaction with them. I even had one resident crying about how moved they were during the concert. Thank you for being such a bright personality for them to connect with…” (Sandy, Figtree, March 2022)

“Residents have asked that I send a very big thank you to you for the wonderful concert you gave yesterday. It was really enjoyed by all who attended, all enjoyed the stories of the music.” (Kay, Lyneham, ACT, March 2022)

“Residents gave really good feedback about you…” (Honey, Parramatta, March 2022)

“Our residents had a great afternoon. I will by all means recommend you to our [other] homes.” (Kerry-Anne, Katoomba, February 2022)

“The residents said they really enjoyed the performance.” (Maddalyn, Killara, February 2022)

“…It was a beautiful performance for everyone. Your music resonated deep within their souls and gave residents the opportunity to revisit old memories and places for a very meaningful experience. It is not often that residents approach the entertainer at the end of the show to introduce themselves and show their gratitude. It was a pleasure to have you [here] and we look forward to your return in the coming months. I will definitely spread the word to other Leisure Coordinators with a high recommendation for you.” (Jenny, Peakhurst, February 2022)

“Our resident[s] thoroughly enjoyed your visit last time. I wanted to touch base with you in regards to other visits throughout the year….” (Emma, Stanwell Park, February 2022)

“The residents really enjoyed the music, and your personality, they enjoyed the story behind every music [song], hopefully we can have you here again soon." (Mahsa, Stanwell Park, February 2022)

“Everyone [was] very happy to hear your lovely classical music and explain[ing] where this music came from, and they enjoy[ed] your performance, and they asking to [make] another booking…” (Bernadette, Chatswood, January 2022)



“The residents thoroughly enjoyed your performance last month. In sum they all had positive comments…” (David, Killara, December 2021)

“Thank you again for performing, incredible performance that was moving and heartfelt. Our residents were so delighted as well as the staff. Our residents could not stop raving on how beautiful the classical music was and I must say it was a great concert. Everyone loved it so much.” (Nikole, Thirlemere, November 2021)

“Your performance was lovely & residents are still talking about it today. Look forward to seeing you again.” (Wendy, Miranda, November 2021)

“It was amazing and I could see that all our residents enjoyed it. Once again thank you so much Paul.” (Kamini, Ermington November 2021)


“…our residents loved your performance last time.” (Rose, Farrer, ACT October 2021)

“Paul Leventhal (pictured below) delighted the residents in the main lounge with a Mother's Day Concert…It was lovely to see so many smiling faces it was evident that everybody certainly enjoyed the music. Thank you Paul for a great afternoon and we are all looking forward to your future appearances…” (from Newsletter Springwood, June 2021)

“It was a pleasure having you. Residents were mesmerised by your friendly behaviour and your music. [Certain residents] loved the special music you played for them. Overall, it was a happy event.” (Saluja, Marrickville, June 2021)

“The feedback from residents [was] very positive. They mentioned it was very soothing and pleasant. They all enjoyed [it] a lot…see you soon Paul” (Pujan, Pendle Hill, June 2021)

“…The residents absolutely loved your performance. Comments from the residents:


‘H[e] is wonderful, and that was just beautiful’


‘You don’t hear music like that anymore’


‘When can we have him again?’

One of our blind residents was taken back through memory lane, she was dancing with her hands to the rhythm and sound  of the music. It also took her back to her to her younger days.


I had nothing but such positive reviews from our Residents. They have all asked me to re-book Paul. It was so lovely seeing everyone so captivated and in the moment of the music” (Monique, Thirlmere, June 2021)


“The residents were so happy with positive feedback this morning it was fantastic” (Yogi, Dulwich Hill, June 2021)


“Thank you very much for your incredible performance that was moving and heartfelt. You absolutely serenade[d] all of us. The song choices was (sic) so beautiful. Our residents were so delighted as well as the staff. We’re actually surprised that day, all the chairs were taken for the first time and the theatre was packed. I was actually asked by residents and staff when are your next performance[s] coming? They [would] love to see you again…” (Lyza, Farrer, ACT, May 2021)


“…Our residents could not stop raving on how beautiful the classical music was. ‘The concert was very entertaining yesterday. Enjoyed it’, this was a comment from one of our resident[s]…We would definitely love to have you back” (Thareniy, Springwood, May 2021)

“The residents loved the music…[with usual comments like]…’He's the best.’… [And I] look forward to having you at our home again soon” (Karen, Waitara, May 2021)


“The residents say your voice and music really made the event special. To have a member of the community come in and perform for them made them feel special and appreciated. All would agree we would love to have you back for future events.” (Bettie, Hamlyn Terrace, May 2021)


“…I must say it was a great concert. Everyone loved it so much and look[s] forward to see[ing] you again” (Shruti, Manly Vale, May 2021)

”The residents thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and we will certainly book you again soon” (Gaile, Northbridge, April 2021)

“Thanks Paul – very organised…” (Lindl, Cooranbong, April 2021)


“Many thanks for entertaining our residents last week, they absolutely loved it and for the majority had not heard a classical guitar for many years, I will be in contact once I have sorted out future activity calendars” (Lisa, Blacktown, April 2021)


“What lovely music you shared with my residents! Thank you so much for your unforgettable music” (Chris, Merrylands, April 2021)


“The residents were asking when you coming back the other day…” (Jo, Weston ACT, March 2021)


“Classical guitarist Paul Leventhal was [a] great hit! Everyone enjoyed the performance” (Greenhill Manor Newsletter, March 2021)


“Residents here…praised your performance and were very happy. The feedback was great. We would love to see you again…” (Pujan, Pendle Hill, March 2021)


“We enjoyed your concert alot…[and] I could see residents were enjoying the music and your presentation” (Jan, Pendle Hill, March 2021)


“We really enjoyed your visit…” (Shelley, Figtree, March 2021)


“A very big thank you for the wonderful concert on Monday. Residents said it was a most enjoyable evening of great music” (Kay, Lyneham ACT, March 2021)


“Residents all enjoyed the performance last time, and they are all asking your next performance time” (Saihua, Page ACT, March 2021)


“…I was only talking about how amazing you were just the other day…” (Monique, Thirlmere, February 2021)


“As always…delighted our residents with a huge amount of positive feedback. Phrases such as


"That was so beautiful", "He is a very talented man" are typical once people hear you play…Lets make another booking soon.” (Karen, Waitara, February 2021)


“I just wanted to Thank You very much...I have had a great number of residents saying how much they enjoyed it…it was a delight to hear your music permeating through the village.” (Leanne, Miranda, January 2021)


“Thank you again for a wonderful afternoon…the residents seemed to really enjoy your performance! I will definitely be in touch to book in another performance soon!” (Nicole, Taren Point, January 2021)


“Thank you for your music. The feedback from our residents was very positive” (Liliana, Gordon, ACT, December 2020)

“Just want to say thank you for a truly great ‘Spanish classical guitar’ concert. Residents said they really enjoyed it very much” (Kay, Lyneham ACT, December 2020)


“…we had great feedback from the residents…I’ll definitely be asking to book you again soon as it was very well received by our residents...” (Kirra, Nowra, November 2020)


“Paul Leventhal entertained us with his amazing classical guitar skills this morning for our monthly birthday party. It was a nice way to finish of this huge month.” (From Facebook: Katja, Chester Hill, November 2020)


“ play beautifully.” (Katja, Chester Hill, November 2020)


“Thank you Paul for joining us…[r]esidents stated they loved your music, wondering if we can continue your visits once a month?” (Karry-Anne, Katoomba, October 2020)

“…as soon as I can begin booking [again,] you are the first on my list.” (Vickey, Fairfield, September 2020)


“Thank you for coming… Your recital was a success. We would like you to come back…” (Liliana, Gordon, ACT, September 2020)


“It is a pleasure to have you perform at our home…Lets make another booking…” (Karen, Waitara, July 2020)


“The residents enjoyed your performance yesterday.” (Vicki, Hornsby, July 2020)

“… I have had everyone saying they loved it.” (Judy, Caves Beach, July 2020)

“Both residents and staff look forward seeing you again.” (Sharon, Terrey Hills, June 2020)

“…I confirm our [next] booking…and assure you the residents are really keen to see you again.” (Kathleen, Matraville, June 2020)


“…hopefully things will have eased enough…that we can see & hear your wonderful talents [again soon].” (David, Killara, May 2020)

“Our residents miss your concert[s!]…” (Tulasa, Turramurra, May 2020)


“…we will be in touch and are looking forward to having you again.” (Katinka, Mittagong, May 2020) 


“Thank You! It would be wonderful if all services were this organised.” (Joanne, Denman, May 2020) 


“Thank you for being [so] professional…” (Ann, Woolwich, March 2020) 


“Thanks for performing here in […]. Everyone loved your Guitar Recital Session. We have got [the] following nice feedback: 


Here's what was said:

  “Fantastic music session, Paul is wonderful”

  “Very unique music”

  “It’s good [to] have some different shows like [the] Classical Spanish Guitar session”

  “We felt very relaxed after having this session”

  “Hope to see Paul soon, he is a lovely man”

(Shruti, Manly Vale, March 2020)


“Thanks…for the concerts you have performed for us…over the past few months. I know the residents have really enjoyed them." (Vivien, Wahroonga, February 2020)


“It was lovely having you here. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.” (Tracy, Bingara, February 2020)


“Your performance [was] well received by all, [and] some commented on how they thought you interspersed the narrative [with the music] was really good as well.” (Debra, East Gosford, February 2020)


“The residents enjoyed the concert…one resident described you as "superb" - which sounds pretty good to me!!” (Karen, Waitara, January 2019)


“We love having you…” (Kerry-Anne, Katoomba, January 2019)


“The Residents all had such wonderful things to say about the music you played.” (Danielle, Cronulla, January 2020)


“Thank you Paul for your wonderful concert. It was a pleasure to offer our residents something so very special…I will get back to you in the next month re coming back to play for us.” (Therese, Tuncurry, January 2020)


“Thanks for you wonderful Classical Guitar Recital session today. It was amazing and everybody enjoyed it. I will send you the more dates next week…” (Shruti, Manly Vale, January 2020)



“…Paul, the residents love your entertainment…[one resident] stated that was the best entertainment I had brought into the home…thank you again for making their day special.” (Sandra, Orange, December 2019)


“…wonderful performances…We look forward to your warm performance and interaction with our residents and visitors again.” (Daria, Randwick, December 2019)


“The residents (at…] enjoyed your concert and are asking for you to return.” (Maree, Bella Vista, December 2019)


“Thank you again for a lovely afternoon on Monday. The residents really enjoyed the concert and we have had some lovely comments. Classical music is not for everyone, but I feel you make it much more accessible because of your comments of the history and the stories behind the music. This helps creates a lovely, friendly, relaxed and more personable interaction with our residents…” (Brian, Singleton Heights, December 2019)


“It was a pleasure meeting you and having you here. The feedback from our residents was fantastic and they said they really enjoyed your wonderful performance… I most certainly look forward to remaining in contact with you and welcoming you again to our facility. Our residents also look forward to having you again, and thank you for your warm interaction with our residents and myself.” (Daria, Randwick, November 2019)


“Thanks for [the] wonderful Guitar recital session today. [The] Resident[s] loved it. Kindly share your availabilities…” (Shruti, Manly Vale, November 2019)


“We would love to have you [back], the residents enjoyed it very much last time!” (Georgia, Bowral, November 2019)


“Thank you again for a wonderful concert…So many wonderful comments and feedback:

"…a very special trip down memory lane”

“…stunning,” “beautiful and elegant”

“…Beautiful classical guitar and interesting to hear its origins”

(Sim, Waverley, October 2019)


“Thank you for coming…the residents always enjoy your concert.” (Joanne, Orange, October 2019)


“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your concert yesterday I had so many comments about how lovely and relaxing your music was and how informative you were about the composer[s] of the music. Some of the comments of praise came from not only residents but the family members who also attended stating how nice it was to have a different type of music played [and] especially [with] your expertise on the guitar. (Christine, Richmond, October 2019)


“Thank you so much for your lovely classical guitar concert…I could tell by the looks on the faces of the residents that they enjoyed the performance and it certainly improved the quality of their lives on that day…Following on from the success of your recent visit…we would now like to arrange two [further] concerts” (Vivien, Wahroonga, October 2019)


“As always our residents really love to hear you play and also are interested in hearing [you] talk about the music you play.” (Sue, Normanhurst October 2019)


“Thank you, it was a lovely recital. I will gather comments (all were great) and attach some photos for you…Look forward to seeing you again.” (Sim, Waverley, September 2019)


“Your reviews were all awesome.” (Zorah, Doonside, September 2019)


“Thank you for coming over and giving our residents a lovely, enjoyable afternoon of classical guitar recital. They enjoyed the music and interaction.” (Neo, Forestville, September 2019)


“Thanks for your music appreciation session yesterday…It was really good and our residents loved it. If you have any availabilities, could we book another session…? (Shruti, Manly Vale, September 2019)


“…I think your music is wonderful.” (Christine, Richmond, August 2019)


“…we will be very pleased to have you perform [here] again. Our residents enjoyed your classical guitar concert very much.” (Leah, Goulburn, August 2019)


“We would be delighted to have you perform again as we still remember how mesmerising your concert was.” (Karen, Blayney, July 2018)


“We got excellent feedback from your visit.  Residents and family were very happy with your performance…Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon.” (Luke, Stanwell Park, July 2019)


“Yes, I agreed Residents loved your Music… and well presented as well, that’s why I want to book you...” (Nasrin, Dural, June 2019)


“…We will definitely re-book again…as everyone had a fantastic time.” (Julie, Castle Hill, June 2019)


“…our residents enjoyed your music and I have heard good comments about your recital from the residents…” (Hitomi, Lane Cove, June 2019)


“Thank you for the nice music session that you had for our residents. They said that they enjoyed it and had a lovely time.” (Elham, Vaucluse, June 2016)


“Thank you for coming, and [for the] beautiful music.” (Administration, Lane Cove, June 2019)


“… I look forward to booking more dates in the future.” (Victoria, Mona Vale, June 2019)


“The residents enjoyed your concert. They like to see people they are familiar with and enjoy hearing different selections each time. They also appreciated having an alternative to folk songs that a lot of people play.” (Ainsley, Turramurra, June 2019) 


“Thank you again for your performance in April – in residents meetings afterwards the residents spoke of you fondly and would like to see you back sometime. Additionally, when I have a 2020 calendar available if you’re happy to then we could organise some dates for next year.” (David, Killara, June 2019)


“…thank you for [a] great concert. The residents really enjoyed your concert…” (Kisoon, Mona Vale, May 2019)


“…The feedback was very positive and I would like to book you again in the future…Once again I thank you for a wonderful performance and we look forward to your next visit. (Victoria, Mona Vale, May 2019)


“Thank you for entertain[ing] us, the residents enjoyed your visit….” (Kerry-Anne, Katoomba, May 2019)


“The residents enjoyed having you play. I will ring you to rebook.” (Ainsley, Turramurra, April 2019)


“The feedback from staff was very positive and they enjoyed it. They stated that the residents where very settled. I will be in touch with you to arrange a[nother] date.” (Jeannine, Kanwal, April 2019)


“I am hoping we may be able to set up some more performances from you…Our residents loved your concert and are very keen to have you revisit.” (Marg, Goulburn, April 2019)


“The residents loved you.” (Nerida, Nowra, April 2019)


“The residents and staff really enjoy your music.” (Sue, Normanhurst, April 2019)


“Music for our residents is very vital , this definitely fulfils a need for them.” (Deb, Berry, March 2019)


“Residents are looking forward to seeing you again.” (Celina, Dundas, March 2019)


“…yesterday all the residents enjoyed the information about the music, and who plays it; also the music was smooth, and that [is] what they like to hear, and remember the old days. Thank you for the effort you put in yesterday and we’ll let you know when is the next event.” (Afife, Strathfield, March 2019)


“Thank you for playing for us yesterday. The residents really enjoyed themselves.” (Kerry-Anne, Katoomba, March 2019)


“Our residents really appreciated your classical guitar recital and I noticed that many were listening and very engaged in what you were telling them about the origins of the guitar music and the composers…Many of the residents expressed to me afterwards that they enjoyed the concert and they thought you were very talented…I believe music makes a big difference in mood and well-being. Thank you again and we will be in touch in regard to future bookings for your Classical Guitar Recital.” (Leah, Goulburn, March 2019)


“Thank you again for a memorable presentation, classical music. Our residents [are] still talking about it.” (Seru, Bathurst, February 2019)


“Residents enjoyed the performance and thought it was something different.” (Rebecca, Thirroul, February 2019)


“Thank you Paul for a lovely morning, it was such a calm relaxing atmosphere, and very enjoyable.” (Karen, Blayney, February 2019)


“Thank you so much for your recital.  I know the residents and staff did enjoy it so much. Thanks once again and I look forward to your next visit.” (Mary, Oberon, February 2019)


“…such great feedback…thanks again, see you in the future…” (Chivana, Castle Hill, February 2019)


“…thanks for the lovely music, and the introduction to each piece. The residents and I really enjoyed the concert, will be in touch re further booking…” (Christina, Hornsby, February 2019)


“Thank you for your time yesterday and willingness to work with our residents with dementia…the residents seemed very engaged and calm during your performance…” (Chris, Galston, February 2019)


“I received great reviews and everyone would love to have you back.” (Sue, Normanhurst, February 2019)


“Thank you so much for the concert, our residents enjoyed it.” (Dima, Killara, January 2019)


“I have had great feedback from staff and residents. You were especially a hit with the residents from our memory support wing. They just loved the music, very positive.” (Brian, Singleton Heights, January 2019)


“We all had a wonderful time and your insight into classical music was greatly appreciated. Our residents were impressed and relaxed listening to your  compositions. We have had nothing but positive responses to your music. Looking forward to seeing you in the very near future…” (Christine, Richmond, January 2019)


”…the feedback was excellent. I will be contacting you soon as to a view for future dates…” (Ann, Epping, January 2019)


“…thank you for yesterday the residents really enjoyed the concert. When organising dates for next year we will let you know…” (Lisa, Windsor, November 2018)

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