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How about using your next event’s entertainment to create positive impact?

More and more companies are investing in their social responsibility and social impact by shifting from philanthropy to social procurement. This benefits the community, the environment, and the company and its stakeholders. How can music help?


As a professional and experienced artist, my unique offer is to provide classical music for your corporate or private function. In a buy-1-give-1 scheme, when you invite me to play beautiful music for you, for the one fee, your company also donates a free concert in residential aged care. People suffering from dementia and other conditions limiting mobility and access to culture will enjoy a free concert. Thanks to you.


If you wish, you can choose your own preferred aged care facility that you might have connection to through your service provision area, staff or clientele, or I can propose a number of choices from amongst the many that I already perform for in urban or regional NSW or the ACT. Following the recital there, I will also send you a brief report with photos and comments received. Your brand can be visible as sponsoring this free concert.


I have performed hundreds of times in aged care homes, and joy it brings to residents is wonderful to see.


Let your next event help in spreading this joy!

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